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Moon-Mars ( synastry )

Moon-Mars aspects in synastry are indicative of great attraction and sexual attraction between two people. It does not matter if the aspects are stressful or soft. There is an attraction that is almost instinctive between these two people. 

It does not matter if this is a homosexual couple or a heterosexual couple. The Moon person can either be a man or woman, and the Mars person can be either the man or the woman. However, it is traditional that the man is the Mars and the woman is the Moon. In many cases, this is the truth ( and in many cases, the woman is the Mars and the man is the Moon ). 

Moon-Mars, like Mars-Venus, is an iconic yin/yang combination or masculine/feminine. I’m sure situations are different when the woman is the Mars and the man is the Moon than when the  man is the Mars and the woman is the Moon. 

Moon-Mars aspects can be rather difficult to deal with. Moon person often feels hurt with the Mars person. This is not anything that can not be resolved. Often the Mars person needs to KNOW he/she is hurting the Moon person. The Moon person needs to speak up, but often the Moon person feels burdened or like they should not. 

However, if the relationship gets violent or physical, then leave it. It’s better to be single and happy than in a violent relationship. 

Moon conj Mars - This is a big fertility aspect when the Moon is the woman and the man is the Mars, but I don’t think so when it is the other way around. There might be unconscious feelings the woman ( Moon ) wants the man ( Mars ) to impregnate her. My parents have Moon-Mars conj in Taurus, where my mother is the Moon and my father is the Mars. They were in a casual short term sexual relationship for two months until I was conceived. At the time, my mother wanted a baby really bad so she had as much sex as she could with my dad. This was due to her abortion a year before. She was guilty about that. 

There is a strong instinctive sexual attraction between these people, even when the Moon is the man and the Mars is the woman. There is likely to be arguging ( even over petty things ) and Make Up Sex. However, in some cases the Moon person may not want to have sex because they are so mad. 

The Mars person invokes strong and angry feelings in the Moon person. Depending on the Moon’s person’s personality, he/she may repress these emotions and try to intellectualize them, or they might verbalize these emotions. The Mars person does things to hurt the Moon person, either by action or words. OFten the Mars person does not know he/she does this, and it is best to let them know. 

This aspect is a fiery one at that. It can work out, but the two of these people will need to hold their tempers in check, and verbally work out their problems. On the plus side, it is very possible for the Mars person to help the Moon person become more assertive, and the Moon person feels comforted and protected by the Mars person. Together, they are possible of standing side-by-side and helping each other out. 

Moon square Mars is a difficult aspect, but it does not mean it is impossible. Like all Moon-Mars aspect, there is an instinctive attraction between two people. The sexual attraction is strong. 

The Moon person is often hurt by the Mars person’s actions. Often, like the conj, the Mars person does not know he or she does this unless the Moon person says something. ( Other aspects like Moon-Mercury or Venus-Jupiter, or Sun-Moon can help balance the badness of this aspect ). It is easy for the Moon person to build up anger and resentment against the Mars person if he/she chooses to refrain from verbalizing his/her feelings, and this might cause an explosive fight between the two of them. 

Of course personal personalities are taken into consideration as well. There does not need to be explosive fights, but most certainly the Moon person often feels hurt. He/she feels that the Mars person can be selfish and overly independent at the expense of other person. 

Again, this can be true or only at the perception of the Moon person. The Mars person needs to know that the Moon person is a good partner ( or friend ) to have and valuable. He/she needs to look at his/her behavior and adjust this to be a bit more sensitive to the Moon’s needs. All in all, the Moon needs stability. 

If the Mars person is unwilling to compromise, then the relationship should not be. 

Moon opposed Mars  has the potential to be challenging. Both of of these people need to learn PATIENCE, especially within each other. There is likely to be arguments between these two people, mostly coming in the form of how to do things or who is in charge of what. Things of that nature. 

The Moon person is often feeling hurt when the Mars person goes against his/her wishes. The Moon person wants to help out and is hurt when the Mars person takes action and does things his/her way. The Moon person sometimes feels that the Mars person is headstrong and insensitive. The Mars person believes his/her way of doing things ( whether it is chore work or sex matters ) is better and the Moon person should shut up. 

There is a strong indication of sexual attraction here, as is all Moon-Mars aspects. These two are pulled together, and can make it through many hard times in their relationship. As long as they can give into moderation and not go from one extreme to the other, they should be able to last. 

Sometimes with sex the Moon person may find the Mars person too hasty and wanting to get into things quickly. Foreplay is often good for the Moon person to express himself/herself and to get into the mood. 

Moon trine/sextile Mars has a strong indication of sexual attraction, like all Moon-Mars aspects. Since these represent harminous aspects, there is not necessarily a conflict. 

Sometimes the Moon finds Mars insensitive, but can easily get over it. The energies flow easily; often times this is a couple that is passionate and happy to be alive. They are on the move often and fiery. 

It is easy for them to arouse emotions in one another; Moon can help bring sympathy and tender feelings in Mars, and Mars can help make the Moon passionate and fiery. 

They have fun together, as long as other aspects permit. 

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