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Venus-Saturn transits

Venus-Saturn or Saturn-Venus transits can be difficult to deal with at times, but it depends on what your natal chart looks like, what houses these planets are falling in and the rest of what else is going on. Whether its a trine, sextile, conj, square or opposition makes a difference also. 

A lot of things can manifest in a Venus-Saturn transit in a person’s life. It isn’t one thing or the other. If you’ve had one of these or are anticipating one of these, some may reflect your life and others will not. 

With the harsher aspects and from time to time in the softer aspects there is a sense of loneliness and the fear of abandonment. These are obviously more prominent in those having the more extreme transits, but again can happen time to time in other ones. There be be bouts of depression and anxiety with regards to the love life, or lack there of, or in social settings. 

This may be a time where social situations are limited. Sometimes the individual simply wants time away from everyone and this is to their own choosing. They prefer solitude over social dates or parties. Other times it can be against what the person wants, which can lead to depression and a general feeling bad about yourself. Sometimes it seems like friendship and love are denied to that person at that time. 

It could be a time when it’s hard finding that special someone, or you are single for a long period of time. In this time you could be depressed because of the loneliness, and other times ( with the softer aspects, the trine and sextile ) the person makes best use of this solitude to do things that better themselves. 

This is also a time where you could meet the person you would have a long term relationship with. It can also be a time where you make that commitment or go to the next level in a relationship you’ve been in for a long time. It can be a good transit to solidify a long term and possibly marriageable relationship. 

It can be a time where long term relationships are tested and if they pass, more commitment follows and makes them closer than ever before. In a casual relationship, one of two things happen: 1. There could be a break up or the couple becomes more distance or wants more alone time. 2. Become more committed. Both can happen in the harsher aspects. If you have a soft aspect, it CAN happen that you break up ,but more than likely a casual relationship could go to the next level. 

Even in a marriage a person could feel lonely with a harsher transit of Saturn and Venus. There may be times where they feel their husband or wife doesn’t feel the same about them or values other people and things above the marriage. Or committed relationship. ( Could be either one ). Often a marriage or long-standing committed relationship can be tried and tested; there is hard work to keep it going, even though there is great love between the two. The other partner may be working long hours or has to go away for a period of time, like in the military or gets a job overseas temporarily. 

This is also a time to take time to save money, or is a time where you do not have many money or material things. 

You may change your style or make up or hair during this time to make it more “classic” or “sophisticated.” You may be attracted to older people at this time or those who can help you succeed. 

Any NEW relationships during this period are likely to last, perhaps to marriage, unless something is really messed up. They could be with an older person, younger person, or someone who has status, or is stable. 

In general, a person with this transit is looking for stability in love life, commitment, and responsibility. They aren’t looking to party at this time or fool around, and it can be hard when everyone else is having fun. 

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